Decision to go Vegan

Many people have different reasons that want to change the way they eat. It could be for health, food costs, or weight loss to make a few. They could also be influenced by friends or family if they see positive results they want to have in their own life. 

For me, it is about my health. I was diagnosed with kidney disease when I was 27 and have fluctuated in weight for many years. The weight gain was from heart break, depression and just plain old greed. One of the things I was always advised by the doctor is to keep the weight down. The more you carry the more your body has to work which is strenuous on my organs. I listened and didn’t at the same time   I would lose right before my yearly visit and gain it right back. 

One day I decided “I’m done”. The weight had to go. I couldn’t breathe and was struggle in normal activities.  Plus the aches and pains.  This is not how I’m supposed to be living. I decided to use My Fitness Pal to track my calorie intake and begin to shrink my stomach. I was on track.  By 6 months I had dropped about 40lbs. I looked like a totally different person. I started working out to tone and gave myself a window. I was finally under 200lbs and gave my self a little leeway. But if i move closer to 200 it was time to buckle down. I have been able to maintain for over a year. 

During that time, I would consider myself a flexitarian. I ate some meatless items and some meatless dishes (basically sides).  It was nothing major for me. One day I decided to watch Game Changers on Netflix. It showed different athletes who are vegan, how meat affects your blood and energy. At the end of the show, it was that moment when I decided to stop eating meat. 

My mindset was not on the animals 😒 but on myself. I can’t remove the fact that I have kidney disease but I can live healthy and do all that I can from that perspective to have a better feeling body. 

November 2nd, 2019, I decided to change my eating. Within the first week I had so much energy and I could feel change. I was less bloated which is weight gain no one needs. I no longer focus on weight at all. I just focus on eating vegan and creating meals that taste good and also eating in moderation. I still drop weight but not on purpose only because I eat healthier. I now crave vegetables which is something I didn’t think I would ever say. 

This is my new way of life and I do not live with restrictions. 

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